Our Teachers

Ustatha Erin McDaniel, Language Arts, Homeroom

This will be my sixth year teaching at LUA, and I am excited about the year ahead! I am originally from Eastern Kentucky, but have lived in Central Kentucky since I moved here to attend UK in 2001. After receiving my B.A. in English and Political Science, I worked with at-risk adolescents at the KY United Methodist Home in Versailles for almost five years. During that time, I began working on my M.A.T. degree at EKU. Upon graduating, I taught freshman English at Bryan Station High School for one year. I have a two sons, Oliver and Bruce.

Ustatha Leah Stone, Science


Ustatha Shannon Grace, Math
My name is Shannon Grace, and I am the Middle School Math Teacher at LUA. I began working at LUA during the 2020-2021 school year, and I am so happy to be a part of this wonderful school!

I'm originally from Bowling Green, KY and got my undergraduate degree in Mathematics Education from Western Kentucky University (go Tops!). I moved to Lexington in 2015 after graduating, and then married my (wonderful) husband in 2016. I spent three years teaching Algebra 1 in Franklin County and one year teaching 8th Grade Math and Algebra 1 in Scott County before joining the LUA family.

Ustatha Sunshine AlJumaily, Social Studies

My name is Sunshine Al-Jumaily. I am the Middle School Social Studies teacher for grades 5th through 8th.  I have taught at LUA since 2009 with a year prior as an emergency substitute.  I was born in Lexington, but moved around throughout my childhood before returning home.  I hold a Master's in Secondary Social Studies Education from the University of Kentucky.

Ustatha Iman Hadi, Arabic 

My name is Iman Hadi, I started teaching at LUA in 2004. I have my B.A in Education from Baghdad University and my Masters in IT from Sullivan University. I am also certified teaching Al-Qaida Noorania program. Previously I used to teach at the Islamic school of Edison in Edison, NJ. Also, I was an Arabic Instructor at the University of Kentucky and at The Carnegie Center for Literacy & Learning. I am also representing the USA for the Arabic Reading Challenge competition in Dubai. 
At LUA I have served as the 5th grade Math and Science teacher, KG assistant, 2nd-grade Homeroom teacher, and Arabic, Islamic Studies, and Quran for grades PreK3-8th. This year I will be teaching Islamic Studies for 3rd grade along with teaching Arabic and for Middle school Insha'allah. 
I consider myself very fortunate to be among such a professional faculty and amazing students. I will do my best this year to ensure that each student has a great learning experience in the classroom Insha'Allah.   

Ustatha Rasmieh, Suleiman, Islamic Studies

I have been the middle school Islamic Studies teacher at the Lexington Universal Academy since 2009.  Prior to teaching at LUA, I taught Islamic Studies and Arabic at the weekend school. I was also involved in various areas of the school since it first opened.  I was an active member of the PTO and served as an Islamic Studies substitute teacher before taking on my current position. This year in sha’ Allah I will be teaching Islamic Studies to 4th-8th graders. To further develop my teaching background, I attended several online education courses through the American Open University and  attended multiple Prophetic Pedagogy Professional Development programs by the Center for Islam in the Contemporary World at the Shenandoah University. I successfully completed and received Al-Qaidah An-Nouraniyah Certificate. I am fluent in both Arabic and English.
Teaching gives me a great opportunity to enhance my students’ Islamic knowledge and help shape them into stronger Muslims. In addition to my involvement in the LUA, I participate in various community Islamic study groups. I am also a member of the family assistance committee, a branch of the ISCK Shura Council.

Ustatha Omaima Alamawi, Islamic Studies/Quran

My name is Omaima Alamawi, I have been the middle and elementary school Quran, Arabic and  Islamic Studies teacher at the Lexington Universal Academy since 2008. I left for two years and then returned in 2016, Alhamdillah. In 2002 I received my certified Tajweed Licience from the Muslim World League Association on Riwaya of Hafs an Asem an Al-Shatibiya. In 2007 I successfully completed Al-Qaidah An-Nooraneyah Program. Then in 2013 I successfully became A certified teacher of Al-Qaida An-Nooranyyah. I'm honored to be given the opportunity to teach our children at LUA to perfect the recitations of Allah's Holy book, AL-Quran AL kareem ,so they can be of the Quran carriers In sha' Allah. With Allah's support I have been able to encourage my students to memorize several Ajza' of the Quran.