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IXL Modules due April 8: AA5-AA7, M1-M4
Tuck Everlasting body biography due April 10 

Work for Thursday, 3/26 -  Friday, 3/27:

For Friday:
Please submit the requested work to my Google Classroom. Please keep everything else that you did over these two weeks so that we can review when we return from Spring Break. Do not throw things away-- I may end up grading them when we come back.

For your weekly RPS practice, please do the "Vocabulary Strategies: Use Context Clues" section of page 183 in your Collections book. You can just write the letter of the correct answer choice. Please do this on the same sheet on which you did page 155 last week.

Tuck Everlasting Body Biography Project
As I said during our video conference, I have attached the Tuck Everlasting body biography assignment to the bottom of this page. At the bottom of the document, you will find which character you were assigned to. Remember, this project is not due until the Friday after Spring Break. 

Frequently-Confused Words Practice
I have also attached the PowerPoint that I would have shown you in class about frequently-confused words. Please review the PowerPoint and, on a sheet of paper, write your answers to the seven practice sentences at the end of the presentation. You do not need to write the sentence, and please feel free to use the same sheet on which you did the Intensive/Reflexive Pronouns practice from Monday. You will make the trees and me happy if you do so.

Work for Monday, 3/23:
For your grammar work, please use a sheet of paper to write your answers to the grammar worksheet attached at the bottom of the page, "6th-- grammar-- reflexive and intensive pronouns practice 2." We will review your answers when we have our next Google Meet conference.

Please begin work on "What Do Fish Have to Do with Anything?" in your Close Reader workbook. Make sure to do all the annotations. Answer all questions in complete sentences and provide evidence (a quote from the story) when needed. Please answer the "Short Response" question at the end.

I will assign additional grammar notes concerning commonly-confused words tomorrow, and I will also assign some grammar practice to go with it.

--Do not forget to work on your IXL.

Work for Thursday, 3/19:
For your weekly RPS practice, complete the chart on page 155 in "Vocabulary Strategies: Greek Affixes." Find at least two other words that use each affix and write a definition for them that shows how the word relates to the affix.      

Otherwise, I will not post the grammar work until Sunday night or Monday, as I got confused as to which Friday we were not in school (you will see that you have no work for NEXT Friday).

Have a nice weekend!

Work for Wednesday, 3/18:
New IXL assignment due April 8: AA5-AA7, M1-M4

Work for Tuesday, 3/17:
For the grammar bell ringer, please do one side of the sheet (looks just like the stuff we do on Tues. and Wed. as bell ringers) this week and the other side for Week 2.

The same goes for the Analogies worksheet-- do the front this week, the back next week.

I didn't want to waste paper by printing one one-sided page for Week 1 and one one-sided page for Week 2.

For the "The Mixer" newspaper article, please read the instructions provided in your Week 1 packet carefully and keep in mind what a newspaper article sounds like.
1. Newspaper reporters do not use loaded language. They try to sound unbiased and objective. Do not say of Shy Man (whom you will have to give a name): "Jacob Lawrence, a loser and thief, couldn't wait to rob these places." Instead, say, "On the night of [Made-up date], Jacob Lawrence was apprehended in the process of attempting to rob the house at [made-up address]. Mr. Lawrence has been arrested five times in the past two years for..."
2. Do not forget that Fred's dad does not own this house. He is just the watchman while the rich family is away. You will need to give that rich family a name so that you can describe the house. "The [made-up family name] home at 233 West Whatever Ave...."
3. Do not forget that you are a reporter showing up at the scene as or after Shy Man is arrested. You do not know everything that the narrator knows. You are not going to know all that stuff about Shy Man training the dog, etc.
4. Give your article a catchy title.
5. Make sure you include the two fake interviews -- with Fred, his dad, Shy Man, or a policeman
6. Tell what happened to Shy Man. Tell what will happen to Blackie.

Work for Monday, 3/16:
The instructions you received on Friday say that you have a "provided T-chart" in  your Week 1 packet, but you won't find one because we actually started it in class. The "provided T-chart" is the chart we started in class on Friday that has "what the narrator thinks is going on" on the left-side column and "what we know is actually happening" on the right. We had already put "his master really loves him" on the left and "he is actually just trying to get more money" on the right. Please add five more entries (meaning ten total, one on each side).

Week of 3/9 - 3/13:
Due Monday: IXL Modules Z3-Z4, JJ1, JJ3, O5-O7
Due Tuesday: Tuck Everlasting reading, paragraph, and vocab
Due Tuesday: Reflexive and Intensive Pronouns worksheet
Due Thursday: Vocab 6 Sentence Completion sheet
Vocab 6 Quiz on Friday!

Week of 3/2 - 3/6:
Due Tues: Tuck Everlasting chapters 17-19, paragraph, and vocab
Due Friday: Vocab 6 definitions
Due Later:
IXL Modules due 3/9: Z3-Z4, JJ1, JJ3, O5-O7

Week of 2/24 - 2/28:
Due Tues.: Tuck Everlasting, Chapters 11-16
Due Friday: Finish "My Wonder Horse" in your Collections book, pages 211-218, and be prepared for a quiz
Due Later:
Due Tues., 3/3: Tuck Everlasting, Chapters 17-19
IXL Modules due 3/9: Z3-Z4, JJ1, JJ3, O5-O7

Week of 1/27 - 1/31:
MAP Testing this week!
IXL Modules due Monday: Z1, Z2, Z5, O1-O4
Due Mon: Final drafts of Muslim Pride skits, if not already turned in
Due Friday: 100th day of school extra credit assignment (Please see below)

100th day of school extra credit assignment:
After choosing a book from the list of "100 Greatest YA Novels," write a paragraph about the book that includes:
1. Book title
2. Author name
3. Publication date
4. Summary that includes main character, setting, and main conflict
5. Who would enjoy this book?


Week of 1/13 - 1/17:
Spelling Bee on Thursday!
Due Friday: Final draft of Muslim Pride skit
Vocab Quiz on Friday!
Due Later:
IXL Modules due 1/27: Z1, Z2, Z5, O1-O4

Week of 1/6 - 1/10:
Due Tuesday: List of needed school supplies and goals, signed by parent
Due Friday: Vocab 5 definitions

Week of 12/9 - 12/13:
Due Thurs.: Vocab 4 sentence completion sheet
Vocab Quiz on Friday!

Week of 12/2 - 12/6:
Due Tues.: Who vs. whom worksheet from Monday
Due Fri.: Vocab 4 definitions
Pages from Collections book that were sub work:
1. Questions on page 226 and page 229
2. Questions on page 230 are extra credit

Week of 11/18 - 11/22:
IXL Modules due Monday, 11/25: AA9, C3, G3, U2, K1-K2, K-New! (identify counterclaims)

Week of 11/11 - 11/15:
Due Tues: Who vs. Whom worksheet, if not completed in class
Due Thurs: Vocab 3 sentence completion sheet
Vocab Quiz on Friday!
Due later:
IXL Modules due Monday, 11/25: AA9, C3, G3, U2, K1-K2, K-New! (identify counterclaims)

Week of 11/4 - 11/8:
Book Fair shopping on Tuesday!
Due Tuesday: Hoot homework

Week of 10/21 - 10/25:
Due Tuesday: Hoot homework
Unit Test on Thursday!
Due later:
IXL Modules due Monday, 10/28: A1, D1-D4, E1, W1
Vocab Quiz on 11/1

Week of 10/14 - 10/18:
Due Tuesday: #1-6 from page 48 in complete sentences
Due Tuesday: Hoot homework
Due Friday: Vocab 3 defs
Due later:
IXL Modules due Monday, 10/28: A1, D1-D4, E1, W1

Week of 10/7 - 10/11:
Due Tuesday: Hoot Homework
Due Friday: 1st draft of narrative

Week of 9/30 - 10/2:
Due Monday: IXL Modules AA.1-AA.4, B.1-B.2, U.1
Due Tuesday: Vocab 2 sentence completion sheet
Due Tuesday: Hoot Homework
Vocab 2 Quiz on Wednesday!

Week of 9/23 - 9/27:
Due Tuesday: Hoot Homework
Due Thursday: Vocab 2 sentence completion sheet
Vocab 2 Quiz on Friday!
Due Later:
IXL Modules due 9/30: AA.1-AA.4, B.1-B.2, U.1
Due Tues., 10/1: 1st draft of narrative

Week of 9/16 - 9/20
Due Tuesday: Hoot Homework
Due Friday: Narrative prewriting
Due Friday: Vocab 2 definitions
Due Later:
IXL Modules due 9/30: AA.1-AA.4, B.1-B.2, U.1

Week of 9/9 - 9/13:
IXL Modules due 9/9: X.1-X.7
Due Tuesday: Hoot Homework
Due Thursday: Summer Reading Presentations

Week of 9/3 - 9/6:
Due Thursday: Vocab 1 Sentence Completion Sheet
Vocab 1 Quiz on Friday!
Due Next Week:
IXL Modules due 9/9: X.1-X.7
Hoot Homework due Tuesday, 9/10
Summer Reading Presentations due Thursday, 9/12

Week of 8/26 - 8/30:
Due Friday: Vocab 1 definitions
IXL Modules due 9/9: X.1-X.7

Summer Project:
I hope everyone has a super summer! The summer reading assignment is attached below. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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