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Std.# 1.2

Daily Homework:

  • Spelling test on Monday Insha'Allah
  • Return your spelling worksheets to class before taking the spelling test.
  • Reading log sheets and Reading test will be on Monday. 

  • VocabularyStudents will be responsible for writing down the vocabulary words from their textbook. They will also be responsible for writing the definitions of those words in English and completing vocabulary packets H.W. The new vocabulary words will be in their textbook Uhibo Al Arabiya wa Ata'alamuha and the students will practice reading stories that include those new words. 
  • ** Reading Program: You may start read online and summarize the story in your notebook, but visiting this website:

Standard Homework 

  • You will be having at the end of every lesson a project to do. This project is to help you to review the lesson's vocab. words. 
  • You will choose one of the following activities (creating a PowerPoint (this will be during the last 2 months of the school year), making a Poster, or a Collage) to review the previous lessons' Arabic vocabulary words. 

Please do not copy and paste from google translate. If you don't have an Arabic Keyboard at your computer, you may choose to create a poster or a collage so you can correct your spelling. 

This project worth 15 points divided into the following: 

  • 5 points for the project's appearance 
  • 5 Points for Using the previous lesson's vocabulary words
  • 5 Points for the correct spelling and meaning. 

Iman Hadi,
Sep 7, 2021, 5:12 PM